The President

Marley's best folding concertina door come with a luxurious appearance, classical-exclusive atmosphere. Who can reject this? And thanks to its versatility the President folding door fulfills your individual creation wishes exactly.

Pattern: White-ash* with full lamella or - as "President glass" - with structured acrylic glass insets.
Decors President NewEdition: Lamellas in bright white with clear, faceted glass or with acrylic glass with satin-finish
Standard height 205 cm, can be shortened as required.
Standard width to 86 cm, with additional lamellae to 400 cm extendable.
One or double-wing insertion is possible. locking device while the door is opened.
Lockable plastic latch with a key,
Including Casing to cover of the upper sliding rail.
Lamellae from 11-mm-, double-walled plastic profiles.
Joint link of long-term-elastic soft plastic and maintenance-free special gliders for a long-standing, noiseless using!

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