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​Unfolding New Ideas in Doors
so practical and so stylish

Create your own dream rooms…
… so practical and so stylish: Marley folding doors simply bring more space to the room!

Marley folding doors bring increased space in an elegant manner and open up fantastic layout possibilities as no swivelling range is required for the door leaf. Use Marley folding doors everywhere, from your living room or office, to your bathroom. Increase the functionality of your living or work area by utilising a Marley folding door for space management, dividing your room into sections for specific purposes. The choice of design, decors and dimensions is completely unique.

Marley: 10 Year Guarantee
Our folding doors are Marley guaranteed for 10 years.
Don‘t leave anything to chance, get the original, there‘s
only one Marley ensuring best quality!

  • Impact-resistant, long lasting, high-quality plastic
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Manufactured by Marley at high quality standards

All Marley folding doors have the following in common:

  • The perfect harmony of appealing looks and robust mechanics
  • No floor slide, but a discretely integrated upper slide rail
  • High-grade plastics and printing processes ensuring easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Highly attractive and affordable
  • Clear-cut assembly instructions to make life simple for the DIY-enthusiast
  • Marley has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional folding doors
  • Lasting brilliant colour
  • The wide variety of Marley folding door designs ensure a perfect match to meet every need
  • Long-lasting colour
  • The material used is of a high quality and is dense in property

Where space is just not available. Suitable for Kitchens, cupboards, closets, bathrooms etc in wet or dry environments. If you need a concertina accordion folding door or room divider, Marley have a solution to your door space issue.

Please do not confuse this door range with other cheap copies of these products. Our concertina doors have been designed to do the job, do it well and last for years. For a quality folding door look at the Marley concertina folding door range, fold-flat door stops that fit into the top track ensue the doors stay open (only available on selected doors see product details for more information. )








Marly Folding Door - Information Video

Marly Folding Door - Information Video

Marly Folding Door - Rapid Installation Guide