The Tango

Tango Folding Door


With the pre-assembled "Tango" folding door, functionality is combined with contemporary design into the perfect partner for your room. You can't help but fall under its spell!
Dekore: white, beech*, light oak*, cherry*, Italian nut *, nut limed*
Standard height 202 cm, can be shortened as required.
Standard width to 85 cm, not extendable.
Pre-assembled, only one-wing insertable.
Available as full lamella or glass lamella
Handles metal-effect finish, with snap-lock. 
Lamellae from 10-mm-, double-walled plastic profiles.  
Joint link of long-term-elastic soft plastic and maintenance-free special gliders for a long-standing, noiseless using.

The Marley Tango folding door is designed for standard openings up to 850mm wide. For smaller sizes panels can be left out.

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